Did You Know

  • Exposure to the elements makes gutters prone to damage. Raindrops, hail, and snow fall with immense force on gutters, and can bend or dislodge them. Leaves and other debris clog gutters, causing rainwater to stagnate in them. Undrained water and rotting debris will then lead to rust and corrosion. This will increase the cost of repair and replacement of gutters. Gutters are therefore fitted with guards, filters, screens, and strainers. This is to prevent debris from washing into them and causing blockages.


  • Gutters require regular maintenance to protect them from damage and corrosion. Leaves and  debris should be cleared from the gutter at least twice a year. Any leaks in the gutter should also be sealed by caulking. The slant of the gutter should be maintained, to prevent water from collecting in it. Other parts of the drainage such as elbows, downspouts and drain pipes, should be unclogged to prevent water from backing up into the gutters. Proper care of gutters will prolong the life of your roof. This is by preventing water damage to shingles, flashing and fascia. It will also minimise soil erosion from overflowing gutters.                                                                                                                                                                        

  • The standing water in your eavestrough, if not installed properly, is a breeding ground for  mosquitos. 


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